This ministry is very unique for Emanuel Assembly!

We are dedicated to reaching our Springfield Community with who we are, and what God has blessed us with.

Although our services are conducted in the English language, the majority of our group is from the Pacific Islands and so this ministry presents the Love of Jesus in what we want to call "rhythmic worship." Many people would call it "traditional island dancing." 

As Pacific Islanders, we are known for our warmth, love and family traditions passed on from our acncestors. There wasn't much of a written language, so stories and oral tradition became vital for the preservation of our culture. Another way the culture was preserved, was through "traditional island dancing." The rhymthmic movements and actions represent stories of our past. 

The culture's origin was heathenistic in nature and very much polytheistic, but in the 1800's, it was impacted by Christianity! God's grace changed the landscape of the Pacific Islands and now the majority are Christian Faith based! 

"For God So Loved the WORLD, HE gave His ONLY SON!" We are thankful for the grace of GOD through His Son Jesus Christ!

And now, through this "traditional island dancing" we endeavor to proclaim the Gospel! Not ours, but a JESUS CULTURE! HIS LOVE for ALL! 

Through our ISLAND RHYTHM MINISTRY, we believe we can accomplish this goal!

Island Dancing.jpg

If you are needing help with a luau presentation at your church, call Pastor Steve Anoa'i at 417-429-6265. All donations made to this ministry go to the spreading of the Gospel of Jesus to our local community and the support of our missionaries around the world!